Supporting and strengthening our Cultural Economy is a big task. It requires everyone in Lafayette Parish working together toward our shared community goal to grow our local economy through Culture, Recreation, Entertainment, Arts, Tourism and Economy.  We cannot to anything about the price of oil, but we can do everything about our Cultural Economy, our 2nd largest economy by working together.

What is CREATE?

  • CREATE is a collaborative initiative that strengthens and supports the authentic cultural, recreation, entertainment, arts and tourism assets that make up our cultural economy in Lafayette Parish.
  • CREATE unifies citizens and leaders from the public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as community-based organizations.
  • Recognizing our cultural economy as the second largest economic driver and employer in Lafayette Parish, CREATE brings the cultural economy to the forefront through sustained focus and innovation to expand the global reach of our culture and commerce. CREATE will help us expand and further diversify our economy through a multi-year, multi-agency effort.
  • Our local culture is a tremendous natural resource. It has helped diversify our economic platform and is poised for exploration.
    Our citizens provide a deeply-rooted, diverse, genuine, thriving, vibrant and immersive experience for visitors and residents alike. CREATE offers an opportunity to give attention to infrastructure and investments to build a community that reflects our culture.
  • CREATE will maximize our potential and identity as a community.

Who is leading the CREATE initiative?

CREATE is led by the Mayor-President Joel Robideaux and was launched during his annual address, the Robideaux Report, in March 2017.

What types of projects will CREATE fund?

Through this initiative, CREATE will seek opportunities to fund existing gaps in our cultural economy in intentional and strategic ways to generate sustainable revenue and adequately support our cultural brand.