Letter of Interest Guidelines

Download the Letter of interest guidelines provided below.

Guidelines for Prospective Proposers

CREATE Lafayette welcomes Letters of Interest (“LOI”) from those seeking investment funding or partnership as a way to get valuable feedback on your ideas prior to submitting a full-length proposal. The LOI also helps CREATE Lafayette gauge whether your proposal aligns with the goals, strategies, and requirements of CREATE.

This LOI is not a formal proposal and no information given in response will be binding upon CREATE Lafayette.

Please read the information below for background on CREATE and what should be included in your LOI.


Please address your LOI to:

Kate Durio

Chief Cultural Officer

CREATE Lafayette Cultural Economy Initiative, Mayor-President’s Office Lafayette Consolidated Government

705 West University Avenue | Lafayette, LA 70506

Tel: (337) 291-3456 kdurio@lafayettela.gov



The CREATE Lafayette initiative was launched in 2017 as a method to enhance and diversify the economy of Lafayette through its cultural and creative assets. The initiative uses a portion of an existing annual property tax to invest in and catalyze new, sustainable growth within the creative economy.

CREATE Lafayette strives to improve residents’ quality of life, drive the creative economy, and stimulate investment in the community by:

  1. Strengthening Lafayette’s cultural identity;
  2. Catalyzing new and existing creative assets;
  3. Driving strategic investment in new cultural infrastructure and revitalization efforts through matches and measurable outcomes; and
  4. Attracting more regional, national, and international workers, visitors, and business to Lafayette.

More information can be found at: CREATELafayette.LA/mission-key-strategies/


CREATE Lafayette Guidelines

CREATE, as a public, government and tax-funded effort, is required by the Louisiana Constitution to show that investments made through the CREATE investment program demonstrate:

  • A public purpose; and
  • A reasonable return of value in exchange for investments made.



  • Applications from not-for-profit organizations, government entities and individuals are eligible to apply for CREATE funding and partnerships. Funding matches are preferred. Commercial entities offering financial matching can also apply for partnership.
  • Applicants, and the projects for which they seek funding, must be based and/or take place in Lafayette Parish.
  • Projects eligible for consideration for CREATE investment funding must demonstrate how they support one or more of the CREATE strategic goals.
  • No investments will be made to political campaigns or organizations.
  • Applications must be submitted at a minimum of 6 weeks before the intended start date. Providing more time for review and planning is highly encouraged.



Broadly, CREATE investments and partnerships value the following aspects of a project – which should be considered as you write your LOI, as you will be required to provide detailed answers in a full proposal if you are asked to submit one:

  • Adherence to CREATE Goals – how does your project align with CREATE goals and strategies?
  • Project Feasibility – does your project have the right resourcing and management to be successfully executed? Describe qualifications.
  • Project Impact – does your project serve a public purpose? Would this have been possible without CREATE? Does it reach the intended audiences? How will you successfully measure those outcomes?
  • Return on Investment – does your project generate an economic return for Lafayette Parish? What does this impact look like?



While optional to provide with the LOI, CREATE will require the applicant to provide the following documentation if asked to submit a formal proposal:

  • Non-Profits: Articles of incorporation, current letter of Good Standing, contact information for all board members, IRS reporting information, operational budget, financial disclosures, resumes or examples of work for project team, etc.
  • Individuals: Resume, references, examples of work, budget and/or possible partner non-profit organizations for the proposal.
  • Government entities: Budget, community partners, elected official partners, matches or financial contributions, in-kind services, maintenance plans, resumes or examples of work for project team, etc.


CREATE can support:

  • Matches for organizations or individuals to apply for Federal, State or Foundation grants from outside of Lafayette Parish.
  • Infrastructure investments that offer a new or improved culture or recreation experience for residents and visitors.
  • Professional development or educational programming that aids in the professional growth of individuals and organizations to be more financially independent and sustainable.
  • Projects that make opportunities more accessible to citizens of all ages and abilities.
  • Projects or infrastructure improvements that have a public benefit of positively impacting other organizations or projects in addition to the applicant’s needs.
  • Projects or organizations whose activities sustain beyond one event to improve quality of life or opportunity throughout the year for residents.
  • Projects that exhibit partnerships, large community support and significant impact.


CREATE cannot support:

  • Organizations or projects that do not serve a public purpose.
  • Requests from organizations or projects that partially or fully duplicate LCG funding or in-kind services.
  • Pageants, fund-raising events, or hospitality costs.
  • Operations or fundraising shortfalls.
  • Requests for an existing deficit from a previous year or project.
  • Donations.
  • Events not open to the public.
  • Incomplete applications or applications with missing documentation.
  • Organizations or individuals not in good standing with the IRS.


To submit a LOI:

Please include the following information in your LOI, which should be 2-3 pages max:

  • Your Name and Contact Information
  • Project Title, Start and End Dates, Location
  • Project Overview
  • How does this project / program meet one or more of CREATE’s goals?
  • What is the public benefit for this project?
  • What is the expected outcome of this project?
  • Does the organization / project have support or partners from other organizations and / or government support? Please provide details.
  • What other funding sources, grants or private investment has been explored? Please provide details.

Terms & Conditions:

  • By completing this letter of interest (LOI) process, you are an Applicant and agree and acknowledge that:
    1. CREATE and LCG retain full control over the selection of Partnerships (without limitation).
    2. Nothing in these Terms of Service shall constitute or be deemed to constitute a joint venture, partnership or agency relationship between either CREATE or LCG and the Applicant and the Applicant is not authorized to enter into any commitments for or on behalf of either CREATE or LCG.
  • CREATE and LCG reserve the right to decline any LOI, terminate any grant, and refuse or suspend projects for any reason without further explanation. At the time of LOI submission and thereafter, CREATE will undertake such checks as are necessary to verify or re-verify the identity and objectives of the Project (the “Due Diligence Process”).
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms of Service, CREATE and LCG reserve the right to introduce new services, edit and update or withdraw any of the Services, in its sole discretion, and will not be liable to the Applicant for exercising this discretion.