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In February 2019, the CREATE Initiative was awarded a $20,000 ArtWorks Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support the implementation of the CREATE (Culture, Recreation, Entertainment, Arts, Tourism, Economy) Asset Inventory to guide investment that supports and improves access to culture and recreation assets. This portal will use the CREATE goals and strategies to utilize asset mapping to guide meaningful investment that integrates arts and culture needs and experiences into policies with inclusive, transparent and intentional application of dedicated, public investment while leveraging private funding. CREATE will improve public access to these culture and recreation assets by creatively using technology to unite local residents around these community goals. Outcomes will track arts and culture job creation, local business development, inclusive citizen engagement and equitable investments throughout the community.

This portal is expected to launch in Fall/Winter 2019 and will provide any member of the public the ability to search artists, musicians, venues, services and organizations. The portal will also serve these featured assets with the ability to login and update or improve their listing. Through the portal, CREATE will have the ability to track successes, assist with impact reporting and sharing of data with the public and grantors for a more comprehensive and inclusive inventory of what Lafayette has to offer.

In June 2019, CREATE Lafayette launched its first CREATE Fellows program featuring fourteen working artists and creatives in Lafayette Parish as artists in residence for CREATE. These artists, musicians, chefs, writers, dancers, filmmakers, actors and creatives will serve for three months as paid fellows to assist in meeting three goals of CREATE:

*   Populate the CREATE Asset Inventory Portal with all culture and creation assets in Lafayette Parish.

*   Host at least one public meeting to address Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of each work area.

*   Meet monthly with the other fellows to gather together to address goals and optimize awareness.

*   Help to provide artist in residence assistance for Lafayette Consolidated Government Departments through CREATE.

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Fill out your information to be included in the first launch of the CREATE Asset Inventory Portal in January 2020.

Please note: In this pre-launch phase, you need only select one category to be included. Before public launch, you will be notified to customize your profile to include your other categories, skills, industries, etc. and you DO NOT have to submit a new form for each category that applies to you.


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